Slow WordPress Blogs turn everyone off – Google doesn’t like sites that load slowly, and readers have to impatiently wait to read your brilliant material. In that waiting time, they might even click that back button. Fast-loading websites and blogs are a necessity in the impatient information age.


Luckily, there are plugins you can use and general advise you can follow in order to speed up your WordPress blog, making it more appealing to your visitors and the search engines. Today, we have a post with 15 ways to help you to speed up your WordPress blog. Please feel free to comment!


Plugins That Speed Up WordPress

Plugins extend the WordPress system by allowing you to use third-party code to extend the functionality of your WordPress blog. These plugins can do a lot more than just make your blog prettier – they can make it faster as well. Here are 5 must-have plugins to speed up your WordPress blog.



WP Super Cache: Any PHP files on your web page have to be processed before they load. Processing takes time. WP Super Cache makes static html files from your dynamic php pages – all your browser has to do is read and display, no waiting for processing. Download

WP Super Cache:任何一个PHP脚本文件在输出前都会运行一次。脚本的运行需要时间,WP Super Cache为动态脚本生成静态html文件——这样访问者的浏览器所需要做的仅是读取和展现,而不需要等待脚本的运行。下载插件

Optimize DB: You can log into your MYSQL database manually and tell it to optimize tables, or, even easier, you could download the Optimize DB plugin that will do it for you. Optimising your databases saves you time on every query, so depending on your website, that means some big speed increases. Download

Optimize DB:你可以登陆MYSQL数据库,手动优化数据表,或者,更方便地使用Optimize DB插件来为你做这些事。优化后的数据库可以缩短查询时间,效果因你的网站而定,也就是说,可能会带来很大的速度提升。下载插件

Parrallelize: Each hostname (a name used to identify a device for internet and other communication) can only handle 2-4 http requests at a time. Parrallelize will automatically submit requests to different hostnames to parallelize http requests. Download

DB Cache: Each database query uses up precious CPU cycles. DB Cache loads all queries into the cache to reduce CPU load. Download


DB Cache:每个数据库查询都会占用宝贵CPU周期。DB Cache通过缓存所有查询结果来减少CPU加载。下载插件

CDN Tools: JavaScript and media files are expensive in terms of load time. CDN Tools will load them to an external server in order to reduce load times – it can even load your larger JavaScript files for free from Google servers! Download

CDN Tools:Javascript和多媒体文件需要较多的加载时间。CDN Tools会将它们加载到另外的服务器上来减少加载时间——甚至是从Google服务器来调用你较大的JavaScript文件,而这一切都是免费的。下载插件

General Tips to Speed Up WordPress


Aside from plugins, you can do a lot of things yourself to speed up your WordPress blog. Some of them are one-time things, some of them are long-term habits. Follow these 10 tips to speed up your WordPress blog.


Stay up to date: WordPress periodically comes out with new releases that include security fixes and new functionality. In addition, each new release usually contains code fixes and speed improvements. The newest releases support plugins that let you speed up your blog. Updating is a hassle, but definitely worth the work.


Remove unused plugins: They slow down your blog by adding unnecessary, unused code that still has to load every time somebody accesses your page.


Disable post revisions: Post revisions, great for multi-author blogs, aren’t really necessary for single-author endeavors. Post revisions creates a new row in your wp_posts table every time you save a post. As that space adds up, your speed slows down. Turn revisions off in your wp_config.php file by adding the line define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false); right after the ” tag

禁用文章版本控制:文章版本,对于多作者协作的博客也许很有必要,对于个人博客却未必。文章版本在你保存文章是你wp_post表中添加一行。由于空间的消耗,你的速度也随之下降,禁用的方法是:在你的wp_config.php文件中的 <?php标签后增加define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false)。

Unlike some blogging platforms, WordPress makes it easy to speed up your blog. Use these plugins and follow this advice to see immediate speed improvements.